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Kenmare by the sea, nestles among the mountains
of Cork and Kerry, hence its Gaelic name "NEIDIN"
meaning "Little Nest". The charming picturesque
town of Kenmare is a good example of one of Ireland's
planned towns.

On entering Kenmare, visitors are immediately captivated
by the town's enchanting appearance and the genuinely
welcoming atmosphere. Brightly coloured houses and shops,
bars, restaurants, create the perfect backdrop to what will
prove to be a memorable holiday.

There is a range of restaurants to suit all
your tastes (and your pocket!), whether you
prefer to relax and enjoy fine dining or sit
in a local pub and feast on wild mussels fresh
from the cleanest waters in Europe - Kenmare
is the place to be.

Kenmare bay and the beautiful picturesque town of Kenmare.